75th Anniversary Celebration

February 15, 2023

With summer slowly approaching in the coming months, we are happy to be going into our 78th year of serving our community! Due to Covid-19 protocols in 2020, we had to postpone our 75th celebration and have it two years later. We are proud to continue serving our community and we hope everyone has a happy and healthy year. Here is a look back at our 75th anniversary celebration!


Assisted Living Residence

Offers a total of 64 one bedroom homes comprised of 18 private one bedroom homes and 46 Assisted Living homes subsidized by Fraser Health Authority.

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Gustav Wasa Place

80 1-bedroom suites of approximately 512 sf. with all apartments rent subsidized by BC Housing.Gustav Wasa Place residence features wheelchair accessible units & an amenities area.

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Swedish Canadian Manor

The Swedish Canadian Manor has 63 suites; 41 bachelor suites of approximately 347 sf and 22 one-bedroom suites of approximately 480 sf.

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