Assisted Living Resident Testimonials


“It’s a very good place for Seniors. I am happy here. My dear daughter found this place for me and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I was unable to cope with living alone in my big home, fearful of living alone. The food is very good and tasty here. The nurses are always there if needed. The assoc is here to please us Seniors, with activities we can enjoy and do.”
– Katie
“The staff at the Swedish Assisted Living Residence serves the residents with skill, kindness, and discretion aware of the Residents need for personal privacy and independence wherever possible. The well-planned activities, delicious & nutritious meals, efficient housekeeping, personal care and medical knowledge are offered and awareness of individual needs. Residents at SALR can be happy that they have chosen this place to call their home.”
– Doreen
“I love Adam and Mashie’s exercises. The exercises keep me moving and let me do things better.”
– Hilda

“I really enjoy the social atmosphere of the Recreational programs. The exercise program, bus outings and bingo keep me engaged.”
– Shamash

 “Living at Swedish is a very good experience. Even though the living style is Western, as a Chinese personally I don’t feel any discrimination. Having meals and living with other residents here are really nice and always make me happy. Particularly the care staff makes me feel really safe living here. Their response to emergency bell is really fast and everyone cares about my safety and health so much. Even at night time, they come to the room really quickly. Sometimes my family worries about if food is good enough, but I always tell them that the food here is good and I can have the opportunity to eat with others. Sometimes when I want other Chinese meals, I can cook in my room! The balance between being around people and having my privacy is good.”
– Sin Chong 

“Everything here is amazing. I am enjoying my stay here. I cannot ask for a better place than here. The meals is wonderful, the staff are all nice to me – I cannot complain.”

– Terry 
“I like the atmosphere here. The staff are very friendly, efficient & helpful. The other Residents too are very friendly. I like the place very much. They are willing to accommodate my special diet, I am very happy.”
– Marty

“I like living here because everyone is so friendly. I like the bus trips and the food is always very good. I like the social atmosphere and the company of other residents.”
– Joyce