Wednesday 19 June, 2019

Welcome to Swedish Canadian Rest Homes

Our Vision - Develop and maintain housing that provides options for seniors suitable to their physical, emotional, financial and social circumstances.  To provide a strong sense of home, family and community.  To involve individual users of services in the design, development, as well as the provision of services.  Provide opportunities through home support for early intervention in order to avoid unnecessary deterioration of an individual’s health circumstances.

Assisted Living Residence

Freedom, comfort, companionship and fun! Completed in 2012, the Swedish Assisted Living Residence offers a total of 64 o... [ More... ]

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Gustav Wasa Place

Gustav Wasa Place has 80 1-bedroom suites of approximately 512 sf. with all apartments rent subsidized by BC Housing. Gu... [ More... ]

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Swedish Canadian Manor

The Swedish Canadian Manor has 63 suites; 41 bachelor suites of approximately 347 sf and 22 one-bedroom suites of approx... [ More... ]

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