Wednesday 22 May, 2019


Swedish Canadian Manor


The Swedish Canadian Manor has 63 suites; 41 bachelor suites of approximately 347 sf and 22 one-bedroom suites of approximately 480 sf. Some apartments have rent subsidized by BC Housing. Similar to Gustav Wasa Place, this building features wheelchair accessible units, an amenities area, as well as an outdoor barbecue area, laundry facilities and intercom. History: 1947 the corner stone for the building (Swedish Rest Home) was laid on Cutter Island close to Second Narrows Bridge. In 1946 the Swedish Rest Home Association bought 12 heavily timbered lots on Cutter Island, half a mile from the north end of second Narrows Bridge.


  •  Subsidized by BC Housing
  •  Wheelchair Accessible
  •  Amenities Area & Outdoor BBQ
  •  Laundry Facilities
  •  Intercom
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