Wednesday 22 May, 2019


As a non-profit society, the Swedish Canadian Rest Home Association provides affordable housing and care for seniors that respects individual preferences and needs in a safe and secure environment. While our history and cultural orientation is aligned with assisting those of Swedish descent, we welcome and support all ethnic and cultural needs as part of our commitment to the local community.

We currently manage three residences:

Assisted Living Residence

Freedom, comfort, companionship and fun! Completed in 2012, the Swedish Assisted Living Residence offers a total of 64 one bedroom homes comprised of 18 private one bedroom ho... [ More... ]

Gustav Wasa Place

Gustav Wasa Place has 80 1-bedroom suites of approximately 512 sf. with all apartments rent subsidized by BC Housing. Gustav Wasa Place residence features wheelchair accessibl... [ More... ]

Swedish Canadian Manor

The Swedish Canadian Manor has 63 suites; 41 bachelor suites of approximately 347 sf and 22 one-bedroom suites of approximately 480 sf. Some apartments have rent subsidized by... [ More... ]

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General information and enquiries regarding suite availability are welcomed by our management team.