Tuesday 23 April, 2019


The Swedish Canadian Rest Home Association continues to exist and provide a place for seniors.

If you want to get more involved in your association and have fun at different events throughout the year, come out and volunteer! Most volunteer positions are only for 4 – 5 hours long and you get a chance to meet great people!

Why is Volunteering Great?

  • Can be used as high school credit for volunteering
  • An important part of any resume!
  • A great way to brush up on your language skills
  • Meet seniors that need your help

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Board Member
  • Committee Member
  • Auxiliary
  • Building Maintenance
  • Bus Driver
  • Special Outings

How Do I Get Involved?

It’s easy! Contact the Swedish Canadian Rest Home Association office and say 'I want to volunteer'!

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General information and enquiries regarding suite availability are welcomed by our management team.